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2014-01-17 (Friday)
Azerbaijan The Azerbaijani broadcaster, İctimai, has revealed more information about “Boyuk Sehne“, the talent show that will choose the right artist to represent Azerbaijan in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. 12 artists will participate, the first show is scheduled for January 27th, it will run for 7 weeks and the final will be held on March 2nd. How they’re going to pick the Eurovision entry is still not known. (Source:
The schedule for the Azerbaijani “Boyuk Sehne”:
January 9th – 15th: Auditions
January 27th: “Boyuk Sehne” starts, will run for 7 weeks and includes 12 artists
March 2nd: Final
The last five Azerbaijani entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2013: Hold Me Farid Mammadov Grand Final: 2nd place
2012: When The Music Dies Sabina Babayeva Grand Final: 4th place
2011: Running Scared Ell/Nikki Grand Final: 1st place
2010: Drip Drop Safura Grand Final: 5th place
2009: Always AySel & Arash Grand Final: 3rd place

Anette: Read more about Azerbaijan’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest here.