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2013-03-11 (Monday)

Tonight, NTU presented the new version of the Ukrainian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The original version of “Gravity” received a lot of criticism so the songwriter Mykhailo Nekrasov has rewritten it after getting comments and ideas from the public. Below you can see the official video with the new version that Zlata Ognevich will compete with in Malmö. (Source:

The Ukrainian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013:
“Gravity“, Zlata Ognevich, Ukraine
(official videolive at national selectionUpdate: live at ESC 2013)

Anette: Hmm… “Gravity” has been my favorite ESC 2013 entry since it won the Ukrainian national selection, and for just as long I have worried that they would try to “improve” the song too much. I’m not completely satisfied with the final version, but I think it could have been much worse. Zlata is still my personal favorite. 😀
(Original in Swedish: