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2013-04-09 (Tuesday)

Anette: This is a presentation of one of the entries that will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 including links to the entry itself, lyrics, interviews and other relevant websites, its current position on and what I personally think about the entry and its chances in the competition. Go to the ESC 2013 page for the rest of the presentations.

Country: Belgium ESC history
Entry: “Love Kills” videoNF performancelyrics
Artist: Roberto Bellarosa facebookwikipedia
Starting position: 15 (semi-final 1)
Songwriters: Iain James, Jukka Immonen
The selection: RTBF chose their representative internally and their entry through a radio show where Roberto sang three songs and the result was decided by 50/50 jury and televotes.
About the selection on (in Swedish): “Belgiens ESC-bidrag 2013”
Presentations of the entry and the artist:

Extra: Watch an interview in English with Roberto by and one in French with English subtitles by oikotimes and the video of his first non-cover single “Je crois” (2012).

Odds (according to Misses the final & bottom-ten of the 39

Anette predicts: Misses the final
I like the new version of “Love kills” a whole lot better than the original one but I doubt that Roberto will be able to convince the jury and/or the viewers with his live performance. The entry itself isn’t that bad but songs like this tends to be forgotten when it’s time to vote. Unless Roberto has a big surprise up his sleeve, I don’t think he will go through to the final.

Anette wants: Misses the final
In comparison to the original version, this new one is a quite pleasurable little pop song that feels a bit more modern. I wouldn’t be sad if it went through but… there are so many good songs in that semi-final that there’s just no room for Roberto in the final.