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2013-04-09 (Tuesday)

Anette: This is a presentation of one of the entries that will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 including links to the entry itself, lyrics, interviews and other relevant websites, its current position on and what I personally think about the entry and its chances in the competition. Go to the ESC 2013 page for the rest of the presentations.

Country: Norway ESC history
Entry: “I Feed You My Love” NF performancevideolyrics
Artist: Margaret Berger twitterfacebookwikipediamyspace
Starting position: 13 (semi-final 2)
Songwriters: Karin Park, Robin Lynch, Niklas Olovson
The selection: NRK chose their ESC entry through the “Melodi Grand Prix 2013” which included 21 entries, three heats and a final where the jury and the viewers had the same favorite.
About the selection on (in Swedish): “Norges ESC-bidrag 2013”
Presentations of the entry and the artist:

Extra: Watch interviews with Margaret Berger by oikotimes, and esctoday and the video of her top-six single “Samantha” (2006).

Odds (according to Through to the final & top-two of the 39

Anette predicts: To the final
According to the odds, Norway has a good chance of ending up on the podium this year, but I doubt it. Personally, I needed to listen to the song a lot of times before I started to enjoy it and therefore I don’t think that the viewers will reward Margaret with a lot of “12 points”. However, she makes a strong performance, the song doesn’t sound like anything else in the semifinal and it grows over time, which should appeal to the jury and enough viewers to secure a ticket to the final.

Anette wants: To the final
I can’t really say that I enjoyed it the first (or even the second) time but now I really like this electronic, dazzling song with its interesting lyrics, strong singer and beautiful, minimalistic performance. In my opinion, “I feed you my love” is an obvious finalist but I think it requires a little too much attention when you listen to it. A good song but not one of my absolute top favorites.