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2013-04-09 (Tuesday)

OGAE Ireland was the first Eurovision fan club to present its result in the 2013 OGAE International ESC Poll. For more information about the poll and OGAE, please visit (Source:

OGAE Ireland:
12 points The Netherlands “Birds”, Anouk
10 points Denmark “Only Teardrops”, Emmelie de Forest
8 points Russia “What If”, Dina Garipova
7 points Norway “I Feed You My Love”, Margaret Berger
6 points Germany “Glorious”, Cascada
5 points Sweden “You”, Robin Stjernberg
4 points United Kingdom “Believe In Me”, Bonnie Tyler
3 points Finland “Marry Me”, Krista Siegfrids
2 points Ukraine “Gravity”, Zlata Ognevich
1 point Italy “L’Essenziale”, Marco Mengoni

Anette: Even though this poll doesn’t answer the question “who will win this year”, I still find it very interesting. It’s always fun to see what the really enthusiastic Eurovision fans think about the entries. Sometimes their favorite win (like “Euphoria” & Loreen in 2012) and sometimes their favorite doesn’t even make it to the top-ten (like “What about my dreams” & Kati Wolf in 2011). I just can’t wait to see what happens this year. 🙂