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2013-04-17 (Wednesday)

Anette: This is a presentation of one of the entries that will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 including links to the entry itself, lyrics, interviews and other relevant websites, its current position on and what I personally think about the entry and its chances in the competition. Go to the ESC 2013 page for the rest of the presentations.

Country: San Marino ESC history
Entry: “Crisalide (Vola)” videolyrics
Artist: Valentina Monetta youtubetwitterfacebookwikipedia
Starting position: 5 (semi-final 2)
Songwriters: Ralph Siegel, Mauro Balestri
The selection:: SMRTV chose their entry internally and it turned out to be the same artist (Valentina Monetta) and composer (Ralph Siegel) as last year.
About the selection on (in Swedish): “San Marinos ESC-bidrag 2013”
Presentations of the entry and the artist:

Extra: Watch the presentation program of Valentina and “Crisalide” here: part 1 & part 2 and her live performance of “The Social Network Song…” (ESC 2012) and the English version of Crisalide: “Chrysalis (You’ll Be Flying)“.

Odds (according to Through to the final & top-15 of the 39

Anette predicts: To the final
I thought Valentina was to good for her song last year and I wished that she would get a chance to show her potential… and that’s exactly what happened. I belive that she’s going to impress both the jury and the viewers with this amazing song and make sure that the country ends up in the final for the very first time.

Anette wants: To the final
“Crisalide (Vola)” starts off very promising, like a classic Italian ballad and when you don’t think it can get any better, it accelerates into a fantastic drama/pop song. This new Siegel-hit exceeds all my expectations and it is one of my top-ten favorites this year.