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2013-04-19 (Friday)

The next Eurovision fan club to present its result in the 2013 OGAE International ESC Poll is OGAE Cyprus:

OGAE Cyprus: After 10 OGAE clubs:
12 pts San Marino “Crisalide”, Valentina Monetta 1. (1.) Denmark 92 pts
10 pts The United Kingdom “Believe In Me”, Bonnie Tyler 2. (2.) Norway 63 pts
8 pts Azerbaijan “Hold Me”, Farid Mammadov 3. (3.) San Marino 62 pts
7 pts Israel “Rak Bishvilo“, Moran Mazor 4. (4.) Italy 53 pts
6 pts Denmark “Only Teardrops”, Emmelie de Forest 5. (6.) The United Kingdom 52 pts
5 pts Italy “L’Essenziale”, Marco Mengoni 6. (5.) Germany 43 pts
4 pts Switzerland “You And Me“, Takasa 7. (7.) The Netherlands 39 pts
3 pts Norway “I Feed You My Love”, Margaret Berger 7. (8.) Sweden 39 pts
2 pts Iceland “Ég á Líf“, Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson 9. (9.) Ukraine 31 pts
1 pt Sverige “You”, Robin Stjernberg 10. (11.) Azerbaijan 27 pts

Anette: The points given by OGAE Cyprus are a bit more interesting to read than the ones from the last fan club, OGAE Spain, who only gave points to the top ten countries. Not only did they make the poll a bit more exciting, they didn’t give any points at all to Greece, which is pretty sensational coming from Cyprus. 😉

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