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2013-04-28 (Sunday)

The sixth annual London Eurovision Preview Party 2013, with 8 of the competing entries of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, took place in London earlier this month:

“London Eurovision Preview Party 2013”: Live performances
Austria: Shine“, Natália Kelly
Romania: It’s My Life“, Cezar
Malta Tomorrow“, Gianluca Bezzina
Finland Marry Me“, Krista Siegfrids
Greece: Alcohol Is Free“, Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis
Latvia: Here We Go“, PeR
Denmark Only Teardrops“, Emmelie de Forest
San Marino Crisalide (Vola)“, Valentina Monetta

Anette: I appreciate events like the Preview Party and Eurovision in Concert. After seeing this, I really hope that both Romania and San Marino make it to the final. Cezar and Valentina were amazing! 🙂