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2013-06-22 (Saturday)

Anette: Eurovision isn’t just about the winners but also about nostalgia and the entries you never forget. Let’s take a look at one of my personal favorites from the eighties:

Highlights of Eurovision – A personal favorite:

Entry: “Džuli” live ESC performanceofficial video
Performer: Danijel (Danijel / Milan Popović)
Country: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 1983 ESC 1983: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriters: Danijel Popovic (composer), Mario Mihaljevic (writer)
Result: 4th place of 20

Anette: In 1983 I was, of course, hoping that Carola Häggkvist and “Främling” would win but I had a lot of other favorites that year and “Dzuli” was one of them. In 2011 Daniel Popović prooved that he still got it when he performed his Eurovision entry at DORA, the Croatian national selection. A truely nostalgic Eurovision moment. 😀