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2013-06-26 (Wednesday)

The Baltic Song Contest is the highlight of the the Baltic Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden. July 19-20, ten artists from nine countries are competing. Here are this year’s contestants:

The Baltic Song Contest 2013 – the contestants:
Moya (United Kingdom)
1. “Making me fall” (E. Andrews & A. Grahn)
2. “A little more love” (E. Andrews & A. Blair-Oliphant)

Liis Lemsalu (Estonia)
1. “Killing me” (L. Lemsalu, R. Puura, L. Shea Walling)
2. “Got to be” (L. Lemsalu, R. Puura, L. Shea Walling)

Marcello Pallanca (Italy)
1. “Io e te” (Mario Bellovino)
2. “Dimmi come fai” (Paola Palma, Massimo Luca)

Lauris Reiniks (Latvia)
1. “Is it you” (L. Reiniks)
2. “Banjo Laura” (L. Reiniks)

Andrea Demirovic (Montenegro)
1. “Odlazim” (V. Graic, M. Paunovic)
2. “All the best” (R. Artesero, Jose J. Santana)

Karen Bernardino (Norway)
1. “Said and done” (A. Grube, N.Arn, G.Euren)
2. “Pieces” (K. Bernardino)

Margret (Poland)
1. “Thank you very much” (T. Karlsson, J. Buddee)
2. “I get along” (T. Karlsson, M. Eriksson)

Peter Bic Project (Slovakia)
1. “Hey now” (J. Zima, M. Pavlik, V. Cekan, D. Kostovcik, P.Bic, I. Bic)
2. “Thinking about you” (J. Zima, M. Pavlik, V. Cekan, D. Kostovcik, P.Bic, I. Bic)

Miriam Bryant (Sweden)
1. “Push play” (M. Bryant, V. Rådström)
2. “Finders keepers” (M. Bryant, V. Rådström)

Tove Jaarnek (Sweden)
1. “I believe” (Mattias Reimer, Lars Edvall)
2. “I’ve been touched by you” (Jim Jidhed)

Anette: In 2011 I was hoping that Lauris Reiniks would represent Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest with his “Banjo Laura” ( NF performance) (music video) (Spanish version) but he finished second in the national selection final. Perhaps he has better luck this time. 😀