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2013-07-01 (Monday)

Česká Televize, the Czech national broadcaster, has announced that the Czech Republic has no intention of coming back to the Eurovision Song Contest, no matter what the rumours might say. (Source:

The Czech entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:
2007: “Malá dáma” Kabát (28th in the semi final)
2008: “Have some fun” Tereza Kerndlová (18th in the 2nd semi final)
2009: “Aven Romale” (18th in the 1st semi final)

Anette: I can’t understand how anyone can believe that the Czech Republic wants to come back to the Eurovision Song Contest, a contest that hasn’t rewarded the Czech entries with that much points. Well, it’s good to know their intentions so that we can concentrate on the countries that WANTS to compete in Denmark next year.