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2013-07-01 (Monday)

Loreen has competed in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, two times. In 2011 she failed to reach the final with “My Heart Is Refusing Me” and in 2012 she won the whole thing with “Euphoria“. Now, in 2013, her first MF-song has gotten an official videoclip:

Official Videos / Performances by Loreen
Official videos:
My Heart Is Refusing Me“ – “We Got The Power” – “Heal” – “Euphoria
My heart is refusing me” (MF 2011) – “Euphoria” (ESC 2012) – “We got…/ My heart… / Euphoria” (Malmö 2013)

Anette: Hmm… not bad… not bad at all. I didn’t think I liked the song but “My heart is refusing me” is quite catchy. Well, better late than never, both the video and the appreciation. 😀