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2013-07-02 (Tuesday)
Austria Even though the Austrian broadcaster is forced to make some budget cuts next year, ORF has announced that it will not affect Austria’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. They are, however, going to have to change the way they select their representative and it might be an internal choice. (Source:

The last five Austrian entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:
2013: “Shine“, Natália Kelly (14th in the 1st semifinal)
2012: “Woki Mit Deim Popo” Trackshittaz (18th in the 1st semifinal)
2011: “The Secret Is Love” Nadine Beiler (18th in the final)
2007: “Get A Life – Get Alive“, Eric Papilaya (27th in the semifinal)
2005: “Y Así“, Global.Kryner (21st in the semifinal)

Anette: Austria left the competition after 2007, when Eric Papilaya only got 4 points with his “Get A Life – Get Alive“, and the county didn’t return until 2011 when they finally managed to reach the final.

Now that they have failed to qualify for the final two years in a row I wouldn’t be surprised if they left again and that’s why I think this is really good news. I don’t care so much for the entries they send to ESC but I have found a few really good songs in their national selection, so now I pray for a miracle so that they don’t have to make a (not so interesting) internal choice. 😀