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2013-07-02 (Tuesday)

The winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Dima Bilan, has released a new video. Let’s take a look at it and other videos and performances by this successful Russian singer:

Updated 2013-09-03: Below you find the new video, while the original one can be seen here.

Official Videos / Performances by Dima Bilan
Official videos:
Malysh – “Believe” – “Never Let You Go” – “Lyubov-Suka” (feat. Julia Volkova) – “Safety“ (feat. Anastacia)
Back To Her Future” (Russian NF 2012) – “Believe” (ESC 2008) – “Never let you go” (ESC 2006)

Anette: Dima Bilan isn’t really one of my favorite singers… but he sure has recorded a lot of good songs. 😀