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2013-07-06 (Saturday)
Norway Already in May, NRK announced that when it comes to the Norwegian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Melodi Grand Prix, they are going to focus on good music rather than a lot of semi final shows. That’s why there will only be one final next year. Now they welcome everybody to submit their best song to NRK by the 15th of September. You find the rules for Melodi Grand Prix 2014 in English here. (Source:
The last five Norwegian entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:
2013: I Feed You My Love Margaret Berger Grand Final: 4th place
2012: Stay Tooji Grand Final: 26th place
2011: Haba Haba Stella Mwangi 1st Semi Final: 17th place
2010: My Heart Is Yours Didrik Solli-Tangen Grand Final: 20th place
2009: Fairytale Alexander Rybak Grand Final: 1st place

Anette: I believe Norway is doing the right thing here. It’s better to have a few really good songs in one final than a lot of semi finals filled with… not so good songs. 😀 Hopefully, this move will pay off. Good luck, neighbours. 😀