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2013-07-06 (Saturday)

If you want to participate in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, you’re welcome to submit your song to SVT between the 3rd and 18th of September. Foreign composers / songwriters can participate too but only if they collaborate with Swedish composers / songwriters. You find the rules for Melodifestivalen 2014 in English here. (Source:

The last five Swedish entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:
2013: You Robin Stjernberg Grand Final: 14th place
2012: Euphoria Loreen Grand Final: 1st place
2011: Popular Eric Saade Grand Final: 3rd place
2010: This Is My Life Anna Bergendahl Semi Final (2): 11th place
2009: La Voix Malena Ernman Grand Final: 21st place

Anette: The new thing this year is that SVT wants at least 20% of the entries to be written by female composers / lyricists. Personally, I’m pro gender equality and think that special rules like this are wrong, unjust and a bit degrading to women. Still, it’s SVT’s competition and they can do whatever they want and I’m sure that their intentions are good… they just haven’t thought it through enough. 😀