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2013-07-06 (Saturday)

The Swedish singer Eric Saade has released a new music video, “Coming Home“, and you find it here together with links to a couple of other videos and live performances:

Official Videos / Performances by Eric Saade
Official videos:
Coming Home” – “Masquerade” – “Hotter Than Fire” – “Manboy (Acoustic)” – “Break Of Dawn” – “Popular
Manboy” (Swedish Melodifestivalen 2010) – “Popular” (Swedish Melodifestivalen 2011) – “Popular” (ESC 2011)

Anette: Even though Eric Saade isn’t my kind of artist, with songs like “Manboy” (quite a catchy song) and “Popular” (a song that gave a bronze medal to Sweden) he has contributed a lot to both Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest, and for that he deserves some credit. 😀