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2013-07-11 (Thursday)

The International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” is held in Vitebsk, Belarus, on the 11th – 15th of July. Aside from two song contests (“22nd international pop song contest Vitebsk 2013” and “11th international junior music contest Vitebsk 2013“), concerts and guests, there will be an opening ceremony featuring several Eurovision stars, see below.

Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk 2013 – some of the artists at the opening ceremony:
Dima Bilan (Russia)
ESC 2006: 2nd place with “Never let you go
ESC 2008: 1st place with “Believe

Emmelie de Forest (Denmark)
ESC 2013: 1st place with “Only Teardrops

Al Bano (Italy)
ESC 1976: 7th place with “We’ll Live It All Again” (with Romina Power)
ESC 1985: 7th place with “Magic, Oh Magic” (with Romina Power)

Alyona Lanskaya (Belarus)
ESC 2013: 16th place with “Solayoh

Tina Karol (Ukraine)
ESC 2006: 7th place with “Show Me Your Love
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