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2013-07-11 (Thursday)

Anette: Which countries qualified from the First Semi Final in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest? How many points did Buranovskie Babushki and “Party for everybody” get? Do you know the lyrics to Ivi Adamou’s “La la love”? There are a lot of ESC 2012 Semi-Final 1 questions and hopefully you’ll find most of the answers to them here.

Below you find the results of the 1st Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 together with the semi final performances, official videos and lyrics of all the competing entries. In other words, it’s time for another little trip down memory lane. 😀

“Party for everybody”, Buranovskie Babushki (Russia) – The winner of The First Semi Final (ESC 2012)

The results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – Semi Final 1:
1. Russia 152 pts Party for everybody“, Buranovskie Babushki ESC-videolyrics
2. Albania 146 pts Suus“, Rona Nishliu videolyrics
3. Romania 120 pts Zaleilah“, Mandinga videolyrics
4. Greece 116 pts Aphrodisiac“, Eleftheria Eleftheriou videolyrics
5. Moldova 100 pts Lăutar“, Pasha Parfeny videolyrics
6. Ireland 92 pts Waterline“, Jedward videolyrics
7. Cyprus 91 pts La la love“, Ivi Adamou videolyrics
8. Iceland 75 pts Never Forget“, Gréta Salóme & Jónsi videolyrics
9. Denmark 63 pts Should’ve known better“, Soluna Samay videolyrics
10. Hungary 52 pts Sound of our hearts“, Compact Disco videolyrics
11. Switzerland 45 pts Unbreakable“, Sinplus videolyrics
12. Finland 41 pts När jag blundar“, Pernilla Karlsson ESC-videolyrics
13. Israel 33 pts Time“, Izabo videolyrics
14. San Marino 31 pts The Social Network Song…“, Valentina Monetta videolyrics
15. Montenegro 20 pts Euro neuro“, Rambo Amadeus videolyrics
16. Latvia 17 pts Beautiful song“, Anmary videolyrics
17. Belgium 16 pts Would You?“, Iris ESC-videolyrics
18. Austria 8 pts Woki Mit Deim Popo“, Trackshittaz videolyrics
Anette: Finally, you find the official scoreboard here.