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2013-07-14 (Sunday)

The project “Friend” (with Alexey Vorobyov (Alex Sparrow) and Sergei Romanovich) has (together with Dasha Nefedov) released their first music video. Below you find it and other videos and performances by the multitalented Russian.

Official Videos / Performances by Alexey Vorobyov
Official videos:
First” – “Bam Bam” – “Shout it out” – “New Russian Kalinka” – “Nowaja russkaja Kalinka (Russian version)
Get you” (presentation) – “Get you” (ESC 2011) – “Nowaja russkaja Kalinka” (Festiwal Piosenki Rosyjskiej 2012) – “Angelom Biht” (Russian NF 2009) – “Snegiri

Anette: When I first found out that Alexey Vorobyov was internally selected in 2011 (after having tried two times with “Nowaja russkaja Kalinka” 2008 and “Angelom Biht” 2009) I was filled with anticipation. Unfortunately, Alexey got stuck with a foreign entry and never stood a chance in the competition. If Russia really wants to win Eurovision, they should send Alexey (with a Russian entry) to Denmark next year. 😀