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2013-07-17 (Wednesday)

Anette: The next Eurovision Highlight comes from way back in the ’60s:

Highlights of Eurovision – An oldie but goldie:

Entry: “Boom bang-a-bang” live ESC performance
Performer: Lulu
Country: The United Kingdom The United Kingdom (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 1969 ESC 1969: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriters: Alan Moorhouse (composer), Peter Warne (writer)
Result: 1st place of 16

Anette: I wasn’t born when “Boom bang-a-bang” won but it’s such a catchy song that it’s one of those you hear about anyway. I can’t say the same about the other three winners that year (yes, there were four winners in 1969): “Vivo Cantando” (Salomé from Spain), “De Troubadour” (Lenny Kuhr from the Netherlands) and “Un Jour, Un Enfant” (Frida Boccara from France) so for me, Lulu was the real winner that year. There can be only one. 🙂

Here you find two other versions of “Boom bang-a-bang”: by Lucía Pérez (Spain 2011) in 2011 and by Lulu in 1981 at the Eurovision Winners Gala.