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2013-07-18 (Thursday)

SRF, RTR, RTS and RSI, the Swiss national broadcasters, have started their search for Switzerland’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The national final will be held in Kreuzlingen on the 1st of February, six acts will be competing (each act will perform their Eurovision song and a cover) and the winner will be decided by 50/50 juryvotes and televotes.

This is how the six finalists will be chosen:
SRF / RTR will pick 9 songs through an internet selection. (Read more here, here and here.)
RTS will pick 6 songs internally. (Read more here.)
RSI will pick 3 songs through a regional selection procedure. (Read more here, here and here.)
A special jury will listen to all of the 18 acts performing live and then pick the six finalists (three from SRF / RTR, two from RTS and one from RSI).
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Anette: I feel a little bit sorry for the Swiss and think that they often deserve more than they get in the ESC, see their latest results below. Hopefully they will do better this time. Good luck, Switzerland! 😀

The last five Swiss entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2013: You And Me Takasa 2nd Semi Final: 13th place
2012: Unbreakable Sinplus 1st Semi Final: 11th place
2011: In love for a while Anna Rossinelli Grand Final: 25th place
2010: Il Pleut de L’Or Michael von der Heide 2nd Semi Final: 17th place
2009: The Highest Heights Lovebugs 1st Semi Final: 14th place