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2013-07-20 (Saturday)

PBS, the Maltese national broadcaster, has confirmed that Malta will participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark. Once again, the entry will be selected through the Malta Song for Europe national selection. More details will be released later. (Source:

The last five Maltese entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2013: Tomorrow Gianluca Grand Final: 8th place
2012: This Is The Night Kurt Calleja Grand Final: 21st place
2011: One Life Glen Vella 1st Semi Final: 11th place
2010: My Dream Thea Garrett 1st Semi Final: 12th place
2009: What If We Chiara Grand Final: 22nd place

Anette: Malta’s national selection is one of my favorites, although they almost never pick my personal favorite. 🙂 The country has competed 26 times but never won. In 2005 they came really close (2nd with Chiara and “Angel“) and now they keep getting better and better results so perhaps… 2014 could be their year. I wouldn’t mind. 😀

Read more about Malta’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovison Song Contest here.