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2013-07-22 (Monday)

Below you find the music video clip of “Slezi V Moem Serdce (ChinKong Production)“, together with links to other music videos and performances by Sergey Lazarev:

Official Videos / Performances by Sergey Lazarev
Official videos:
Slezi V Moem Serdce” – “Lost without your love” – “Electric touch” – “Heartbeat” – “Alarm” – “Girlfriend
The flyer” (Russian NF 2008) – “I love to hate you” – “Биение Сердца” – “Я не сдамся без бою” (with Ani Lorak)

Anette: Well, it’s not an entirely new song but it’s a good one. 😀 When I realised that I didn’t have a singel Sergey Lazarev song on my new blog, I just had to do something about it. So… enjoy! 😀