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2013-07-24 (Wednesday)

RTL, the national broadcaster in Luxembourg, has told that the country is not returning to the Eurovision Song Contest… not in 2014 anyway. They haven’t got the budget, the manpower or the interest at the moment but they might return in the future. (Source:

The five Luxemburgian winners of Eurovision Song Contest:
1983: Si La Vie Est Cadeau Corinne Hermès
1973: Tu Te Reconnaîtras Anne-Marie David
1972: Après Toi Vicky Leandros
1965: Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son France Gall
1961: Nous Les Amoureux Jean-Claude Pascal

Anette: Luxembourg has competed 37 times in the Eurovision Song Contest. The first entry was “Les Amants De Minuit” with Michèle Arnaud in 1956 (joint 2nd place) and the last one was “Donne-moi Une Chance” with Modern Times in 1993 (20th place). I’d love to see what kind of entry their next one will be. (If there’ll be one.) Hopefully, we’ll find out in a couple of years. 😀