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2013-07-24 (Wednesday)

Cascada, the group that represented Germany in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with “Glorious” (21th place), is back with a new song. It’s called “The World Is In My Hands” and you find it’s official music video below, together with links to other music videos and performances by Cascada:

Official Videos / Performances by Cascada
Official videos:
The World Is In My Hands” – “Glorious” – “Evacuate the dancefloor” – “Everytime we touch” – “Because The Night
Glorious” (ESC 2013) – “Glorious” (German NF 2013) – “How Do You Do” (Clubland Live)

Anette: It’s amazing the way a song (in this case “Glorious”) can stand out as a natural winner in the national selections and then just disappear in the crowd at the Eurovision final. Well, life goes on and it’s nice to see them bounce back so soon. 😀