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2013-07-24 (Wednesday)

Anette: Which countries qualified from the First Semi Final in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest? How many points did Stella Mwangi and “Haba Haba” get? Do you know the lyrics to Paradise Oskar’s “Da da dam”? There are a lot of ESC 2011 Semi-Final 1 questions and hopefully you’ll find most of the answers to them here.

Below you find the results of the 1st Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 together with the semi final performances, official videos and lyrics of all the competing entries. In other words, it’s time for another little trip down memory lane. 😀

“Watch my dance”, Loukas Yorkas Feat. Stereo Mike (Greece) – The winner of The First Semi Final (ESC 2011)

The results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – Semi Final 1:
1. Greece 133 pts Watch my dance“, Loukas Yorkas Feat. Stereo Mike videolyrics
2. Azerbaijan 122 pts Running scared“, Ell & Nikki videolyrics
3. Finland 103 pts Da da dam“, Paradise Oskar videolyrics
4. Iceland 100 pts Coming home“, Sigurjón’s friends videolyrics
5. Lithuania 81 pts C‘est ma vie“, Evelina Sašenko ESC-videolyrics
6. Georgia 74 pts One more day“, Eldrine videolyrics
7. Hungary 72 pts What about my dreams“, Kati Wolf videolyrics
8. Serbia 67 pts Čaroban“, Nina ESC-videoEnglishlyrics
9. Russia 64 pts Get You“, Alexey Vorobyov videolyrics
10. Switzerland 55 pts In love for a while“, Anna Rossinelli videolyrics
11. Malta 54 pts One Life“, Glen Vella videolyrics
12. Armenia 54 pts Boom Boom“, Emmy videolyrics
13. Turkey 47 pts Live It Up“, Yüksek Sadakat videolyrics
14. Albania 47 pts Feel The Passion“, Aurela Gaçe videolyrics
15. Croatia 41 pts Celebrate“, Daria videolyrics
16. San Marino 34 pts Stand By“, Senit videolyrics
17. Norway 30 pts Haba Haba“, Stella Mwangi videolyrics
18. Portugal 22 pts Luta É Alegria“, Homens Da Luta videolyrics
19. Poland 18 pts Jestem“, Magdalena Tul videolyrics
Anette: Finally, you find the official scoreboard here.