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2013-08-06 (Tuesday)

HRT, the Croatian national broadcaster, announced a while ago that Croatia will participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark. There will, however, be some changes regarding how they will choose their entry and it’s most likely that their famous national final, DORA, will be bought back. (Source:

The last five Croatian entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2013: Mižerja Klapa s mora Semi Final (1): 13th place
2012: Nebo Nina Badrić Semi Final (2): 12th place
2011: Celebrate Daria Semi Final (1): 15th place
2010: Lako Je Sve Feminnem Semi Final (2): 13th place
2009: Lijepa Tena Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea Grand Final: 18th place

Anette: Noboby knows if changing back to DORA will lead to a place in the final for Croatia, but there’s nothing wrong in having fun while trying. Personally, I’m hoping for a DORA comeback. 😀

Updated 2013-09-19: “Croatia won’t participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest