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2013-08-11 (Sunday)

Anette: The next Eurovision Highlight comes from Belarus but never made it to the actual Eurovision Song Contest:

Highlights of Eurovision – Internally chosen but not approved:

Entry: “Born in Belorussia” studio version with lyricslive performancesong presentation
Performer: Anastasiya Vinnikova eurovision.tvwikipedia
Country: Belarus Belarus (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 2011 (disqualified) ESC 2011: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriters: Evgeny Oleynik, Victor Rudenko
Result: disqualified

Anette: In 2011, Belarus wanted to send Anastasiya Vinnikova to the Eurovision Song Contest with the internally selected song “Born in Belorussia” but there were a lot of problems with that. First, they had to change the lyrics and change the title to “I Am Belarusian” and then it was discovered that Anastasiya had performed the song earlier than it was allowed and the entry was disqualified. In the end, Anastasiya competed in ESC 2011 with “I Love Belarus” and finished at 14th place in the second semi final.

I really like the original song and think that the studio version deserves to be mentioned among the songs that have made a positive mark in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. 😀