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2013-08-18 (Sunday)

The Latvian duo Musiqq (Marats Ogļezņevs and Emīls Balceris), that represented Latvia in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with “Angel In Disguise” (17th place in semi 2), has released a music video to the new song “Trakas Atmiņas”. You find it below, together with links to other music videos and performances by Musiqq:

Official Videos / Performances by Musiqq
Official videos:
Trakas Atmiņas” – “Angel In Disguise” – “Abrakadabra” – “Dzīve Izdodas” – “Miljonārs” – “Dari Kā Es
Angel In Disguise” (ESC 2011) – “Angel In Disguise” (Latvian NF 2011)