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2013-08-26 (Monday)

Anette: The next Eurovision Highlight comes from a country that didn’t win the competition until their 40th attempt. Yes, it’s time for a Finnish entry and I’ve chosen one from the mid ’80s:

Highlights of Eurovision – A personal favorite:

Entry: “Hengaillaan” live ESC performanceNF performancevideo
Performer: Kirka (Kirill “Kirka” Babitzin)
Country: Finland Finland (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 1984 ESC 1984: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriters: Jukka Siikavire (Composer), Jussi Tuominen (Writer)
Result: 9th place of 19 participants

Anette: In my opinion, 1984 was a really good Eurovision year with a lot of catchy songs and “Hengaillaan” was one of my many favorites. Fortunately, the “right” entry won and Herrey’s brought back the competition to Sweden with “Diggi-loo Diggy-ley“. 😀