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2013-09-13 (Friday)

Anette: The next Eurovision Highlight comes from a country that still hasn’t won the Eurovision Song Contest, but sure has had a lot of great entries… here’s one of them:

Highlights of Eurovision – A personal favorite:

Entry: “Tornero” live ESC performanceNF promo videoofficial video
Performer: Mihai Traistariu
Country: Romania Romania (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 2006 ESC 2006: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriters: Eduard Cîrcotã (Composer), Cristian Hriscu, Mihaela Deac (Writers)
Result: 4th place (24 participants in the final, 37 all in all)

Anette: “Tornero” is one of my many Eurovision favorites and it has all the qualities of a winning song, but the timing was wrong. If it weren’t for Lordi, Dima Bilan and Hari Mata Hari… it would have won. 😉