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2013-09-20 (Friday)

Anette: The next Eurovision Highlight is one of my personal favorites that never made it to the big competition:

Highlights of Eurovision – A personal favorite that didn’t qualify:

Entry: “100 Minutes” NF performance
Performer: Ed Shulzhevsky
Country: Russia Russia (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 2012 ESC 2012: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriter: Denis Maidanov
Result: 23th place in the national final

Anette: In 2012, there was a huge favorite in Russia (“Back to Her Future“ with the superstars Dima Bilan & Yuliya Volkova) but another entry won (“Party for everybody“, Buranovskie Babushki). Personally, I thought Ed Shulzhevsky’s entry was the best and that’s why I’ve chosen “Sto minute” to be one of the Highlights. 😀