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2013-10-16 (Wednesday)

Gisela, who represented Andorra in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with “Casanova” (16th place in the first semifinal), has released a music video to her new song “Sugarwood“. You find it below, together with links to other music videos and performances by Gisela:

Official Videos / Performances by Gisela
Official videos:
Sugarwood” – “Casanova

Casanova” (Eurovision 2008) – “Turu-Turu” (El Club) – “Mi mundo eres tú” – “Viviré en tus sueños

Anette: Oh, how I miss Andorra in the Eurovision Song Contest. Too bad they’re not coming back this year either. Maybe next year… In the meantime, you find all the Andorran Eurovision entries here.