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2013-11-19 (Tuesday)
montenegro RTCG, the Montenegrin national broadcaster, has made an internal choice and decided to send the popular singer Sergej Ćetković to represent Montenegro in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Sergej will write the Montenegrin entry himself and all we know about it at the moment is that it will be a love song. (Source:

Video: “Jos volim te“, Sergej Ćetković

A selection of songs by Sergej Ćetković
Jos volim te“, Sergej Ćetković
Ako te nije pronasla ljubav“, Sergej Ćetković
Pogledi u tami“, Sergej Ćetković
Dal me oci varaju“, Sergej Ćetković

Anette: I’ve never heard of Sergej Ćetković before (see Wikipedia for more info) but judging from the songs I have listen to today, I have high hopes for their new entry. 😀 Perhaps 2014 will be the year they finally reach the final?

Read more about Montenegro’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovison Song Contest (and watch their last five Eurovision entries) here.