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2013-11-30 (Saturday)
switzerland Today, on November 30th, a group of experts will judge the 18 entries that are left in Switzerland’s national selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and pick six finalists for the final on February 1st Here’s everything you need to know about the “Expert-check”:
Switzerlands “Expert-check”, November 30th:
When? 13:10 CET
Who decides? A group of experts selects 6 finalists
To the final: 3 from SRF, 2 from RTS, 1 from RSI

The participants:
1. “I Still Believe“, Yasmina Hunzinger (SRF)
2. “Together Forever“, 3forAll (SRF)
3. “Celebration“, Swissters (SRF)
4. “Baby can’t you see“, Lola Sparkes (RTS)
5. “Au paradis?“, Christian Tschanz (RTS)
6. “Another Day Alone“, Tanita (RTS)
7. “Une Terre sans Vous“, Natacha & Stéphanie (RTS)
8. “J´ai envie de toi“, Paula Marengo (RTS)
9. “In my life“, Joel Murner (RTS)
10. “Higher Love“, Jasmine (RSI)
11. “Hunter of stars“, SeBAlter (RSI)
12. “103 parole“, Valentino Alfano (RSI)
13. “I’m not afraid“, GOSIA (SRF)
14. “La luce del cuore“, Nino Colonna (SRF)
15. “Mercurii diei“, Arxplendida (SRF)
16. “Music from the Sixties“, Hot Connection (SRF)
17. “Alpha“, One Day Remains (SRF)
18. “Yourope“, Martin Kirchberger (SRF)

Anette: Read more about Switzerland’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovison Song Contest (and watch their last five Eurovision entries) here.