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2013-12-21 (Saturday)

Here are everyting you need to know about today’s two shows:

Ukraine Ukraine’s national final, December 21st:
When? 11:15 CET
Where? and
The winner? A mix of jury and televotes will decide the winner

Listen to the entries: here.
More info: Read more about Ukraine’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovison Song Contest here.

The 20 Ukrainian finalists 2014:
1. “5 Stars Hotel”, Duet Anna-Maria
2. “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, Roman Polonskij
3. “Tswetok” (Flower), ULI RUD
4. “It`s my life”, Marietta
5. “Why”, Stas Shurins
6. “Waiting for you“, Anatoli Shparyov
7. “Love Makes You Beautiful“, Nataliya Valevska
8. “No Fear“, Lissa Wassabi
9. “Buty Tam De Ty” (To Be Where You Are), Volodymyr Tkachenko
10. “Moya Dusha” (My Soul), Shanis
11. “Love is Lord“, Victoria Petryk
12. “Strelyanaya Ptitsa” (Wounded Bird), Evgen Litvinkovych
13. “Courageous”, Band NeAngely
14. “I’m Alive“, Illaria
15. “Let Go”, Tetyana Shyrko
16. “Believe Me“, Tania BerQ
17. “Tick-Tock”, Maria Yaremchuk
18. “Na Krayu Propasti” (On The Brink Of The Abyss), Victor Romanchenko
19. “Yesli Yest Lyubov” (If There Is Love), Anna Hodorkovska
20. “Love”, Denis Lyubimov

Lithuania Lithuania’s national selection, show 2, December 21st:
When? 20:00 CET
What happens? 10 artists perform Eurovision classics and a mix of tele- and juryvotes decides the lucky 5 for show 4

Listen to the artists: See the clips from the Jubilee Conncert here.
More info: Read more about Lithuania’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovison Song Contest here.

The participating artists – Eurovizijos 2014 – Show 2:
Vilija Matačiūnaitė
Sasha Song
Aistė Pilvelytė
Aleksandra Metalnikova
Julija Jegorova
Jurijus Veklenko
Juozas Butnorius
Justinas Lapatinskas
Vig Roses (Giedrė Girnytė, Akvilė Matukaitė)
Vaidas Baumila

Anette: Personally, I believe Victoria Petryk will be the winner of the Ukrainian national final but my personal favorite (at the moment) is the wonderful “Strelyanaya Ptitsa“. We’ll see if I change my mind after the performances. May the best song/artist win. 😀