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2013-12-30 (Monday)
Finland Below, you find links to the rest of the full versions of the entries that will compete in the “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2014“, Finland’s national selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest:
Listen to the full versions of the rest of the UMK 2014 entries:
Sängyn reunalla“, Mikko Pohjola (youtube)
Selja“, Hukka ja Mama (youtube)
My Little Honey Bee“, Dennis Fagerström (youtube)
Something Better“, Softengine (youtube)
Let Me Take You There“, Lili Lambert (youtube)
God/Drug“, MIAU (youtube)

Anette: My personal favorite of these six is definitely “Something Better” and with a couple of adjustments it could be a really strong UMK entry. 😀

Read more about Finland’s preparations for the 2014 Eurovison Song Contest (including the rest of the entries and the UMK 2014 Schedule) here.