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2014-01-10 (Friday)

Here’s everyting you need to know about today’s national final in Belarus:

Belarus Belarus’ national final, January 10th:
When? 20:00 CET
Where? Belarus 1, Belarus 24 and
The winner? A mix of jury and televotes will decide the winner

Listen to the entries: See links below or listen here:
More info: Read more about Belarus’ preparations for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest here.

The Belarusian national final 2014 – the running order, January 10th:
1. “Not What I’ve Been Looking For”, Natalia Tamelo (listen here:
2. “Fly Away“, Nuteki
3. “Rapsody #1“, Artsem Mikhalenka
4. “Strippers“, Matvei Cooper and “DUX” band
5. “Cheesecake“, TEO
6. “Starlight”, Daria (listen here:
7. “Via Lattea”, Elena Siniavskaya (listen here:
8. “Angel Crying“, Alina Moshchenko
9. “You Will Be Here“, Janette
10. “Runaway“, Anastasia Malashkevich
11. “Vechnaya lyubov“, Switter Boys feat. Kate & Volga Karol
12. “Stay With Me“, NAPOLI
13. “Now You’re Gone“, Max Lorens & DiDyuLya
14. “Empty Universe“, Tasha Odi