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2014-02-14 (Friday)

Anette: Today it’s Valentine’s Day, a perfect reason to take a look at this Eurovision Highlight:

Highlights of Eurovision – A stunning performance:

Entry: “Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)” live ESC performanceNF performancevideolyrics
Performer: Svetlana Loboda
Country: Ukraine Ukraine (entries & results) in the ESC
Year: 2009 ESC 2009: Participants & Scoreboard
Songwriters: Svetlana Loboda (Composer), Yevgeny Matyushenko (Writer)
Result: 12th place in the final

Anette: I wasn’t that impressed by the song when I first heard it after the Ukrainian national final but I changed my mind after Svetlana’s Eurovision performance. Now, it’s one of my favorite ones. Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀

(You find more videos and performances by Svetlana Loboda here.)