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2014-05-01 (Thursday)

Here you find the Twitter questions that the fans send to the artists that are going to participate in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, and the links to the artists’ answers:

#askeurovision-questions: The artists’ answers:
What is the reason why you have chosen to sing in English? Hersi (Albania)
Can you sing a bit of opera for us? Hersi (Albania)
What do you think of people comparing you to The Wiggles from Australia? Do you know them? Pollapönk (Iceland)
It is a rumor that you sang playback in the national selection of your country. Is it true? I guess not so what are your techniques to sing and dance so well at the same time? Tanja (Estonia)
Jöran, how many languages do you speak and which ones? Aarzemnieki (Latvia)
How does it feel for you to unite your country through this song and this participation in the ESC? Axel Hirsoux (Belgium)
How does it feel now that you’re finally in the Eurovision Song Contest after 7 attempts? Sanna Nielsen (Sweden)
What’s it like for Armenia’s Aram MP3 to be the first Eurovision artist to ever use the stage? Aram MP3 (Armenia)
Why did Ukraine decided to use only 1 dancer on stage and does it have a special meaning? Mariya Yaremchuk (Ukraine)
How did you come up with the idea of the acrobat and what does it mean in your performance? Dilara Kazimova (Azerbaijan)
Has the Junior Eurovision experience helped you and in what way? Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia)
Are you less nervous because this is the third year you are taking part? Valentina Monetta (San Marino)
There are two parts in your song when you are a strong woman and a sensitive one. With which one do you relate the most? Cristina Scarlat (Moldova)
What do your children think that you are representing Moldova in Eurovision? Cristina Scarlat (Moldova)
“Running” is not the usual topic for a Eurovision song. Can you explain a bit of the story behind it? András Kállay-Saunders (Hungary)
What’s the story behind the name of the band? The Common Linnets
(The Netherlands)
This year most of your neighbours are not taking part in the competition so why did you keep your lyrics in your own language and what are they about? Sergej Ćetković (Montenegro)
Why are you using the pictures (#selfies) from people on the background? Does it have a message? Firelight (Malta)
What’s your “must have” when you’re perfoming away from home? Mei Finegold (Israel)
As you didn’t write it yourself, what does the song “Silent Storm” mean to you? 🙂 Carl Espen (Norway)
Have you brought your big drums with you? And how much did the airline charge you for excess baggage? Suzy (Portugal)
What is the key message of your song? Donatan & Cleo (Poland)
How did you come up to such a wonderful music style fusion of jazz and georgian ethnic music? The Shin And Mariko (Georgia)
Which element of your performance will attract the ATTENTION of the audience? Vilija Matačiūnaitė (Lithuania)
Would Tom Neuwirth consider to go to Eurovision himself? Conchita Wurst (Austria)
Did you ever bake a cheesecake and what’s your favorite flavour? Teo (Belarus)
What’s the story behind your song? Softengine (Finland)
What is actually Can-linn? and why did you want to include traditional Irish instruments in the song? Can-Linn & Kasey Smith (Ireland)
I always wanted to play fiddle. Do you think I still have the chance to learn it at the age of 17? Sebalter (Switzerland)
You’ve already participated in 2010. Why did you decide to come back this year? Paula Seling & Ovi (Romania)
Were you in Belgrade 2008 when your sister was participating? Has she given you advice? Tijana (F.Y.R. Macedonia)
Do you always play the flute in your songs? What does the flute mean to you? Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia)
Who came with the collaboration and Eurovision idea? What’s the meaning of the song “Rise Up”? Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd