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2014-06-04 (Wednesday)
UK Anette: When it comes to Eurovision Song Contest, every country has its ups and downs. Let’s take a look at period in time when The United Kingdom was at its best: the eighties!
All the UK entries for the Eurovision Song Contest from the 1980s:
1980: Love Enough For Two“, Prima Donna 3rd place
1981: Making Your Mind Up“, Bucks Fizz 1st place
1982: One Step Further“, Bardo 7th place
1983: I’m Never Giving Up“, Sweet Dreams 6th place
1984: Love Games“, Belle and the Devotions 7th place
1985: Love Is…“, Vikki 4th place
1986: Runner In The Night“, Ryder 7th place
1987: Only The Light“, Rikki 13th place
1988: Go“, Scott Fitzgerald 2nd place
1989: Why Do I Always Get It Wrong“, Live Report 2nd place

Anette: Oh sweet memories! 🙂 I like all of the entries but the ones I really love are “Making Your Mind Up“, “Runner In The Night“, “I’m Never Giving Up“, “One Step Further“, “Love Games“, “Go” and “Love Is…“. The 80s was a really good chapter in the UK Eurovision history. 😀