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2014-08-16 (Saturday)

Anette: Let’s take a look at what we “know” so far about which countries that are interested in participating in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and how they plan to choose their entries.

For more information about the participating countries: click the names of the countries / flags below.

Confirmed participants for the 2015 ESC (according to both wikipedia and
Austria Austria National selection: Final in March
Belgium Belgium No information yet
Cyprus Cyprus National Selection: Final in late January
Denmark Denmark “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015”: Final on February 7th
Estonia Estonia No information yet (probably “Eesti Laul 2015″)
Finland Finland “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2015” (UMK 2015): Final in March
Germany Germany No information yet
Greece Greece No information yet
Iceland Iceland No information yet (probably a national selection)
Ireland Ireland No information yet
Lithuania Lithuania No information yet
Macedonia F.Y.R. Macedonia “Skopje Fest”: Final on November 13th
Malta Malta “Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015”: Final on November 22nd
Netherlands The Netherlands No information yet
Norway Norway “Melodi Grand Prix 2015″
Portugal Portugal No information yet
Sweden Sweden “Melodifestivalen 2015”
Switzerland Switzerland National Selection: Final on January 31st

Other confirmed participants for the 2015 ESC (according to wikipedia):
Armenia Armenia No information yet
Belarus Belarus No information yet
Hungary Hungary No information yet (probably “A Dal 2015″)
Russia Russia No information yet (probably “Golos”)
UK United Kingdom No information yet
Montenegro Montenegro No information yet
Georgia Georgia The artist (and maybe the entry) will be presented in September

Countries that are unlikely to participate in the 2015 ESC
(according to both wikipedia and
Andorra Last entry: 2009 – “La Teva Decisió (Get A Life)“, Susanne Georgi
Liechtenstein Last entry: Never participated
Luxembourg Last entry: 1993 – “Donne-moi Une Chance” med Modern Times
Monaco Last entry: 2006 – “La Coco-dance“, Séverine Ferrer
The Czech Republic Last entry: 2009 – “Aven Romale”

Other countries that are unlikely to participate in the 2015 ESC
(according to wikipedia):
Slovakia Last entry: 2012 – “Don’t Close Your Eyes“, Max Jason Mai

Other countries:
Albania Last entry: 2014 – “One Night’s Anger“, Hersi
Azerbaijan Last entry: 2014 – “Start A Fire“, Dilara Kazimova
Bosnia&Herzegovina Last entry: 2012 – “Korake Ti Znam“, Maya Sar
Bulgaria Last entry: 2013 – “Samo Shampioni“, Elitsa & Stoyan
Croatia Last entry: 2013 – “Mižerja“, Klapa s mora
France Last entry: 2014 – “Moustache“, TWIN TWIN
Israel Last entry: 2014 – “Same heart“, Mei Finegold
Italy Last entry: 2014 – “La Mia Città“, Emma
Latvia Last entry: 2014 – “Cake to bake“, Aarzemnieki
Moldova Last entry: 2014 – “Wild soul“, Cristina Scarlat
Morocco Last entry: 1980 – “Bitakat Hob“, Samira Bensaïd
Poland Last entry: 2014 – “My Słowianie – We Are Slavic“, Donatan & Cleo
Romania Last entry: 2014 – “Miracle“, Paula Seling & OVI
San Marino Last entry: 2014 – “Maybe (Forse)“, Valentina Monetta
Serbia Last entry: 2013 – “Ljubav Je Svuda“, Moje 3
Slovenia Last entry: 2014 – “Round And Round“, Tinkara Kovač
Spain Last entry: 2014 – “Dancing in the rain“, Ruth Lorenzo
Turkey Last entry: 2012 – “Love Me Back“, Can Bonomo
Ukraine Last entry: 2014 – “Tick-Tock“, Maria Yaremchuk