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2014-08-21 (Thursday)
Latvia According to, LTV, the Latvian national broadcaster, has stated that Latvia most likely will participate at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Austria next year but an official confirmation is yet to come. (Source:
The lastest Latvian entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2014: Cake to bake Aarzemnieki Semi-Final (1): 13th place
2013: Here We Go PeR Semi-Final (2): 17th place
2012: Beautiful Song Anmary Semi-Final (1): 16th place
2011: Angel In Disguise Musiqq Semi-Final (2): 17th place
2010: What For? Aisha Semi-Final (1): 17th place

Anette: Personally, I keep my fingers crossed for another season of “Dziesma” and that the winning entry will be good enough to get Latvia to the final. 🙂

Read more about Latvia’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest here.