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2014-10-01 (Wednesday)
switzerland At the moment, there’re ten songs uploaded to SRF’s Eurovision platform (A part of Switzerland’s selection of entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.) You find them all below, presented as the first top ten list of the Eurovision season, together with my personal (very generous) ratings:
My “Swiss 2015 Internet Selection” Top Ten list – so far (2014-10-01):
1. All We Need Is Love“, Melis Bilen SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Istanbul, Turkey)
2. Catch Me if You Can“, Ben Pyne SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Dublin, Ireland)
3. Travelling On My Own” John Hänni SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Lenk im Simmental, Switzerland)
4. Avide du Soleil“, Zéphyr Combo SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Männedorf, Switzerland)
5. PORTO IL MONDO CON ME“, ASANTY SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Sementina, Switzerland)
6. Hello Depressive State“, Carolynn SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Kehrsatz, Switzerland)
7. Come Along“, Gabriel Greenwood SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Princeton, United States)
8. Dancing In The Night“, The United SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Liverpool, United Kingdom)
9. Unite“, The United SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Liverpool, United Kingdom)
10. Hardcore Marijuana“, Zappelphilipp SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Bern, Switzerland)

Anette: Read more about Switzerland’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest (and watch their last six Eurovision entries) here.