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2014-10-03 (Friday)
switzerland After my first top ten list of the songs that were uploaded to SRF’s Eurovision platform, a part of Switzerland’s selection of entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, ten new songs have appeared. You find them below, presented as another top ten list, together with my personal (very generous) ratings:
“The Swiss 2015 Internet Selection” entries #11 – #20 (2014-10-03):
In and out of love“, Kaya SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Naxxar, Malta)
Heartbroken“, The United SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Diary“, Like Leto SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Kurgan, Russia)
Paradise“, Stefan Krakowski SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Annie Get Your Gun“, Corinne Mend SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Dornach, Switzerland)
In My Life“, Stefan Krakowski SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Open Heart Surgery“, Thierry Condor SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Aarau, Switzerland)
My Moon And Stars“, The United SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Liverpool, United Kingdom)
The Beat Of The Meat“, Männerchor steili Kressä SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Lyss, Switzerland)
Cocktail“, The Harriers SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Livezeni, Romania)

Anette: Read more about Switzerland’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest (and watch their last six Eurovision entries) here.