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2014-10-04 (Saturday)
Malta Yesterday, the 20 semifinalists of Malta’s national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest were announced during the show Xarabank, see the list below. The semifinal is scheduled for November 21st and the final, with 14 entries, will take place on November 22nd.
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – The 20 semifinalists:
Glen Vella, “Breakaway
(Kevin Borg, Simon Gribbe)
Christabelle (Christabelle Borg), “Rush
(Elton Zarb, “Muxu” – Matthew Mercieca)
Trilogy (Eleanor Spiteri, Roger Tirazona
& Ludwig Galea), “Chasing A Dream
(Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
Chris Grech, “Closed Doors
(Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg, David Cassar Torregiani)
Karen Debattista, “12, Baker Street
(Jan Van Dijck, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
L-Ahwa, “Beautiful To Me
(Erik Anjou)
Franklin Calleja, “Still Here
(Alexander Rybak)
Raquel Galdes, “Stop Haunting Me
(Elton Zarb, “Muxu” – Matthew Mercieca)
Deborah C., “It’s OK
(Elton Zarb, “Muxu” – Matthew Mercieca)
Danica Muscat, “Close your eyes
(Elton Zarb, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Sisters (Ekklesia), “Love And Let Go
(Philip Vella)
Lyndsay Pace, “Home
(Boris Cezek)
Lawrence Gray, “The One That You Love
(Elton Zarb, Lawrence Gray)
Corazon Mizzi, “Secretly
Jessika, “Fandango
(Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
Iona Dalli, “Could Have Been Me
(Philip Vella)
Daniel Testa, “Something In The Way
(Måns Ek, Charlie Mason)
Domenique Azzopardi, “Take Me As I Am*
(Adrian O’Connor)
Amber, “Warrior
(Elton Zarb, “Muxu” – Matthew Mercieca)
Minik, “Once in a While
(Elton Zarb, Rita Pace)
(Sources: Xarabank and

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