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2014-10-07 (Tuesday)
UK If you want to represent the United Kingdom in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, you’re now welcome to submit your song to BBC, the national broadcaster. The deadline is set for November 7th and the final decision will be made by a group of experts. You find the rules for the British internal selection here. (Source:
The last six British entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2014: Children Of The Universe Molly Grand Final: 17th place
2013: Believe In Me Bonnie Tyler Grand Final: 19th place
2012: Love Will Set You Free Engelbert Humperdinck Grand Final: 25th place
2011: I Can Blue Grand Final: 11th place
2010: That Sounds Good To Me Josh Grand Final: 25th place
2009: It’s My Time Jade Ewen Grand Final: 5th place

Anette: Read more about the United Kingdom’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest here.