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2014-10-11 (Saturday)
Poland TVP, the Polish national broadcaster, has announced that Poland is going to participate at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest after all. They will select their entry internally and reveal their choice in March 2015. (Source:
The last five Polish entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2014: My Słowianie – We Are Slavic Donatan & Cleo Grand Final: 14th place
2011: Jestem Magdalena Tul Semi-Final (1): 19th place
2010: Legenda Marcin Mroziński Semi-Final (1): 13th place
2009: I Don’t Wanna Leave Lidia Kopania Semi-Final (2): 12th place
2008: For Life Isis Gee Grand Final: 24th place

Anette: Read more about Poland’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest here.