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2014-10-11 (Saturday)
switzerland Anette: Let’s take a look at another ten songs that have been uploaded to SRF’s Eurovision platform, a part of Switzerland’s selection of entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. You find them below, presented as another top ten list, together with my personal (very generous) ratings:
“The Swiss 2015 Internet Selection” entries #41 – #50 (2014-10-11)
Wonderful“, Kevin Charm featuring Lion Tree SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Perth, Australia)
Can’t Love“, Tia Peyton SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Dublin, Ireland)
SENZA TE“, ILARY SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(CHUR, Switzerland)
Lonely Streets“, Daniel SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Oberhausen, Germany)
Here I Am“, Sara McLoud SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Aarau, Switzerland)
Easy Life“, Kick & The Teeth SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Preston, United Kingdom)
Summer Lover“, Tia Peyton SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Dublin, Ireland)
Countless Hours“, Gabriel Greenwood SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Princeton, United States)
Matmata“, Pauliina SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Tampere, Finland)
Wild“, Ainhoa Feal SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
(Granada, Spain)

Anette: You find more Swiss 2015 Internet Selection Entries here:
(#1 – #10) – (#11 – #20) – (#21 – #30) – (#31 – #40)

Read more about Switzerland’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest (and watch their last six Eurovision entries) here.